Teach This! Teaching with lesson plans and ideas that rock #teaching 02/24/2012

  • This is a powerpoint listing the major events in Macbeth, each slide describes the event (eg Macbeth kills King Duncan) and has a corresponding image using Simpsons characters.

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  • Here's the page that high school literature teachers will want to go to. On the left hand side you'll see "Sub Sub topic" and you can click  on the play. Click More and you can see even more plays. This way you can find information by play.

    One of the things I found is a popular resource that uses Simpsons Images linking to Macbeth. (Not sure about copyright but  it is there and is very popular.) Curriculum directors will want to share this with their English departments.

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  • This is a fascinating holistic through through Shakespeare by English teacher, John Field. Including Much Ado about Nothing and Romeo and Juliet. He calls these his "tudor hall shakespeare units." If you teach Shakespeare, you may want to look at this and the other items here. Here's a tip: If you look at the classification at the bottom KS3 means high school and then you can click on Plays by Title and click on just about any play you will teach to find a lot of lesson plans and information for that play. If you're a beginning teacher or looking for new things, you'll want to drill down. I hope you'll share too.

    I'm having a love thing this February. ;-)

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  • This teaching pack includes a pdf and word document and will let you read about love through the ages. Drama, Poetry, Prose are covered in this high school resource for English literature. Great topical reading for February. I recommend this for literature teachers.

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  • How much do your students know about Europe? Here is a set of activities including maps, flags, and a few quizzes relating to this content. For those who want to make sure that students are globally literate (including geography) this is one of those resources you may want to add to your folder.

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