Google Glasses here by Christmas

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Schools don't teach classes to kids who wear glasses? Many of us have been telling you for some time that banning cell phones is going to go the way of the dodo.

By Christmas, Google will likely be selling some Oakley-looking glasses that will display search results and run on the Android operating system. It will be a matter of time before these are prescription style glasses and people like me can wear them every day.

It is increasingly apparent that we have go tot go exist with smart devices and focus on what we're doing instead of banning the devices altogether.

Are you going to start discussing the USE of devices now so that you don't look like a person who just didn't see it coming by the end of this year? Start thinking about educational uses, technology is here to stay and we're rapidly approaching the day of implanted devices, first to help those with disabilities but later to help all of us have abilities we haven't dreamed up yet.

Distractions abound, we have to all learn to focus and do the appropriate task for that moment. There are no easy answers for this and banning cell phones and handheld devices just isn't the way to keep kids on task in the long run.
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