Elearning and global competency #flatclass #globaled 02/07/2012

  • Ah, my friend Julie finally gets the book in China! I'm so excited for her (and for us) and now I'm pouring over the public Kindle comments that my friends are leaving (or really anyone.) If you read on Kindle, sign in online and then make your notes public and I'll be watching! ;-)

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  • Suzie Nestico did an amazing job this past semester as our project manager for Flat Classroom 11-3. Here, she reflects on what her students learned and the individual awards of her students. I love hearing the reflections of students. It is so similar to what we've heard before and yet it is new every time another student says he/she now understands what it is like to collaborate and connect with others throughout the world.

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  • Beth Sanders from Birmingham Alabama shares her students' iCitizen PSA announcements. This is a project that they have been working on to share their thoughts about what it means to be a citizen in the 21st century. I do hope she'll continue to take her students out into the web to connect even more but this is a great start.

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