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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Encouragement to Keep Moving

On my Facebook page, we've been talking about the stages of grief as our

summers come to a close in the northern hemisphere. Words like "death of a dream" and "mourning" have been used. Many of us are excited and "those" dreams have started again for me.

I have recurring dreams that happen before school starts, I knew they would start soon and indeed last night they began again. I'm in college and attending a class that I skipped the last time, just to find out we have a major test that I didn't study for. I have the complete and utter feeling that I have monumental task ahead that I am not prepared for.

It doesn't matter how much I study or how much I plan or how much I do anything -- I never FEEL ready. Ever. This is year 11 for me of teaching and I don't feel ready even now.

It is a great profession where you can completely start over every year. And yet, it is hard because we start over -- I don't want it said of me "She was a great teacher." I want to BE a great teacher. That is an active word that means I am doing it right now.

Prepare. Plan. Pray. But, most of all, come to school with your good attitude intact. "I" am at the middle of my own attitude. Attitude is not a secret weapon because everyone knows what kind you have. Everyone.

Attitude, content knowledge, and teaching know-how make you an unstoppable force in the classroom as you motivate and encourage students to learn. Educate yourself to stay relevant (and employable) because your academic institution may become obsolete, but you won't.

Move ahead into the school year. As much as I need my summers (to heal, more than anything), the greatest moments of my teaching career are not during the summertime but during the studenttime. ;-)

Students rock and I want to as well. Get ready, kiddos, here comes Mrs. Vicki and I'm ready to roll! I love you and I'm Back!

(School starts August 8).

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