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Monday, July 30, 2012

Give students legacy and meaning: Build Intrapersonal Communications into your curriculum

As we discuss on page 54 of Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds, one of the 5 ways students need to connect in the flattened classroom is over time.

We have so many opportunities for students to create time capsules to communicate with themselves. Ideas like this plan on Share my Lesson for a time capsule on the first day of school resonate.

Students can write letters to themselves in the future using sites like Future.me which will is a reason that begs for students to have a lifelong email. If you use this site, use the Facebook email address for students (if Facebook doesn't change the address again) to let them write to themselves.

Other ways to help students connect with themselves in the future is to do like I did as a child. I wrote a list of things I'd really like to do with my life when I was 12 and have now done all of them including publishing a book. ("I want to write things that help people" was the goal.") I also wanted to own my own business and have three of them now. ;-)

Some say that if a child doesn't reach their goals that this could set up for disappointment, but I disagree. Lifelong meaning and connection to yourself is part of intrapersonal relations - your relationship with yourself. The one thing a child will always have in his or her life is himself or herself. We can't forget intrapersonal skills and intrapersonal communications is more than just journaling now. I think that annuals should have a DVD sleeve in the front where students archive their learning and even record messages to themselves in the future.

Such things can add more meaning and interest to life beyond the once in a lifetime time capsule. Think about how you can help students connect with themselves this year. What do you do?

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