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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The world is my pearl #flatclass

Flat Classroom Skype
Flat Classroom(r) Skype (Photo credit: superkimbo)
Flat Classroom Skype
Flat Classroom(r) Skype (Photo credit: superkimbo)

Often, we envy those who had the ability to "discover" things and yet many seem to gravitate to discussing answers that have already been found. Many think everything that has been discovered is all there is. They lack imagination and wisdom.

I choose to live my life on the new frontier, the frontier where we are discovering what it is like to connect classrooms and students in ways never before imagined.

These things we do strike fear in the hearts of warmongers and the media who would rather kids believe their propaganda and hateful words that someone is evil just because they are different. I fear that when ambassadors and bureaucrats realize we are operating under their radar, without their facilitation or official "endorsement" that they will cringe and become angry.

The fact is that the world is flattening and teachers don't need someone with money and power to pull the trigger on a sanctioned interaction. We can collaborate and connect with free tools at lower bandwidth than many thought possible and we are, every day. Few know what we're doing but we do and we smile with the knowledge that our children travel with us around a world that is more reachable than ever before.

Pascal said "Those we call the ancients were really new in everything."

See those who discovered as beginners and life takes on a new meaning.

The Flat Classroom(r) project is my new frontier. I am sad for those schools who honestly think they can have a world class education without connecting to the world. The world isn't my oyster - it is my pearl and the pearl of my students.

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