Daily Education and Technology News for Schools 02/01/2013

  • As you recap 2012, here's a listen to 2012 in audio. Sticher put together the most popular podcasts of 2012 and what defined us as a world. Take a listen and travel down memory lane - or play if for your current events class and talk about why these events made the cut.

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  • If you are a researcher or college professor and you're not reading Justin Reich, Edtechresearcher, you should be. I like Justin because he helps me see clearly the different "sides" in debates and connects it to research. This is totally not my area but he explains the conversation in a way that anyone can understand. In this week's article, he shares the differences and debates between Connected Learning and Blended learning, and no, they are not the same thing. So, educate yourself before using these terms. "By contrast, advocates of Connected Learning hold more radical beliefs about the inadequacy of fundamental structures of schooling and learning. Connected Learning advocates argue that universal curriculum is a dated concept for an era of infinite subspecialties and a deeper understanding of learner variation. They argue that understanding learning through the activities of schools is far too limited a canvas for the age of lifelong and lifewide learning. They argue that technologies are not best suited to optimizing student pathways through a prescribed curriculum, but for connecting learners with mentors, peers, and resources for learning experiences that tap into students interests and passions and span from school to home to library to cultural institutions to informal learning spaces."

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  • I love this reflection from Azhar Youssef, an EFL teacher in Egypt who is so passionate and excited. This is what MOOCs are all about - connecting the world and finding the best wherever they are. Hat tip to my friend Lee Graham of #diffimooc who let me know about Azhar's work. This is her introduction video that she used for the Mooc work. I think that all teachers in the near future, are going to need to have an introduction video. Like a resume, you'll need it to use to introduce yourself when you participate in elearning projects. Do you have an intro flyer or video? Isn't it time? I love her smore flyer. (via Azhar's Reflections: Twitter in a new dress!)

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