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  • This is a great website that lets you do fun things with your photos. In particular, I like having students create a magazine cover of themselves in 10 years inspired by their goals of today. If they keep doing what they are doing now, what things will be their genius? Great, fun website. I also use the motivator to make fun sports photos for playoff games, etc.

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  • When you're studying a particular subject, it makes sense to dig deeper. For example, the Civil War Trust has some excellent lesson plans on the Civil War as well as a field trip planner, glossary of civil war terms, civil war coloring book, and more. If you cover the civil war in the US, you'll want to visit this site. If you're studying anything, try searching for the word "lesson plans" in quotes along with the topic with a plus like +"civil war" and you'll be amazed at the results. Many of them align with standards from the states or National Council for Social Studies.

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  • It is a great way to study culture and history to incorporate food into the lessons. As I've been perusing history websites to update my knowledge of what is out there, I came across hungry history on the history channel and love some of these ideas. If you're studying the UK, why not try scones? The South - fried chicken? 

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  • The history channel has printable study guides to go along with their content including Beowulf, Odysseus, World history, Civics, Geography, and more. 

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  • A US website funded with a grant from the US government that has history content, teaching materials and best practices in history. They also review website. They also have a historian that you can ask questions to and a database of previously asked questions. In a feature I like, they have a section of the site for the digital classroom.

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  • My friends at Edtech teacher have a fantastic "best of history" websites. This is a must share website for history teachers where you will find many great resources.

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