Making learning click in online environments

English: Cyber analytics is the science of ana...
English: Cyber analytics is the science of analysis that derives behavior from a variety of data to answer questions about the past, present, or future. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 In face to face environments - you have face, voice and body language. In blended environments, you have clicks, discussions, and edits - all of these are important.

In a Face to Face environment, we wouldn't let kids sleep in the back of the class, in online environments, we expect students to not only log time but ENGAGE.

You have to be adaptable and tweak things as you get the analytics back from what is happening. Just as social media responds to highly engaging content or content w/ no response, so should professors and teachers. If you don't adapt, students languish.

This isn't about being on the clock but about how well you click with the time you have. 

How much time do professors and others spend engaging with analytics about what content resonates and what is being ignored? Do they even care? I think in an age where education is becoming competitive, those that delve into and respond to the analytics will be the institutions of higher ed that remain among us.

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