Flash Flood

Sitting at the table drinking a tepid cup of coffee watching Shadow-cat attack the dragons in my son's bookbag on top of my son's drafted CHAMPs poster as my husband finishes breakfast while reading his devotional on his iPad, I snapped this picture. The flowers from Valentine's day are wilted but I don't want to take them off the table.

I head to school in just a moment after reading devotionals of God's unfailing love and stories of simplicity from Thoreau this morning. My digital picture frame forwards in the background of the many memories I have with my children and family as I get a text from my sisters wishing me good morning.

But still, as I ponder today, a sense of being overwhelmed comes over me like the flash flood watch my area is under until Saturday morning. My life is a flash flood. Such is the life of a teacher.

In the business world, I knew I had to facilitate meetings far ahead of time and they stood on my calendar like bright lights beckoning me to work on them for hours. Whether I was teaching or facilitating, those meetings were important. Now, I facilitate 6 hours a day with but 50 minutes to prepare for all of that. If you proposed such a job to a businesswoman like I used to be, I wouldn't have taken it and told you that you were crazy if you expected me to get all of that done.

Such is the life of a teacher. Flash flood. We handle the rivulets of work, crisis, teenage angst, and struggle bound up in the lives of these precious children.

May you have a great day. Your work is worthy and and important and so are you, you noble teacher. Be it.

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