If You Won’t Cry With Someone, Don’t Expect an Invitation to the Victory Party

Day 66 of 80 Days of Excellence

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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Yesterday’s post didn’t happen. An emergency that took precedence did. While the contents of the emergency aren’t for public consumption, I have one important observation for those of you who aspire to excellence.

When crisis hits, be there. Pitch in. Do what you can. Care.

Words can mean something.

But there are times when actions mean everything. Going to pick up things for someone who can’t get away. Bringing food. Running an errand. Feeding the dogs.

Time is so short. Emergencies are NEVER convenient. A crisis never comes when you have time to do something for someone. Problems always happen when you have other plans.

Emergencies are inconvenient problems that usually happen at the worst times.

And those swept up in the maelstrom of madness and emotions that accompany such things remember who was there. Who reached out. Who called. Who cared.

I’m a teacher. But if I can teach one thing – it is that when problems happen, we should be there for those we love. We should show up. We should do what we can.

You can’t build more excellent relationships than to be there for a person you care about when hard times hit. Lots of people want to join you for the celebration but the larger question is who will be with you at the cemetery? Everybody wants to be there when you win state but few when your mental state is confused and tired. Everybody loves a winner but who will love you when you’re the biggest loser?

Loss is part of life. And if you’re not willing to cry with someone, don’t expect them to invite you to the victory party when they’ve pulled through and have a story to tell. When you avoided them in their time of need, you wrote yourself out of the story.

So, when crisis hits – be there. As hard as it is, you’ll be glad you were. And that, my friends will give you a transcendent exellence that we call legacy. For you will live on in legendary ways in the hearts and minds of the losers you loved who lived to tell the tale of your compassion and caring on their darkest night. For we all lose but most of us come through it to win again. Friendship is earned in the dark nights not usually in the brightness of day. Build a legacy and be there for those you love.

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