Success Tip: Take Time for Your Weekly Review and Plan the Week Ahead

Day 54 of 80 Days of Excellence

From the Cool Cat Teacher Blog by Vicki Davis

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I got busy last weekend and didn’t plan this week. I felt it all week long. I was rushed. I had to do some last minute work on things I almost forgot. I felt winded all week long.

Then, I sit down to plan this week and I realized that I hadn’t prepared ahead of time for something on Sunday – that’s tomorrow!

Spending time in a weekly review is not a nice to do but a MUST DO. Make a list. Know what you need to do. Review your calendar. Plan ahead. Make a checklist if you have to.

In all my years of being a Mom, I’ve never even once accidentally cooked dinner. I’ve never accidentally had a lesson plan ready to teach. I’ve never even accidentally remembered a birthday. The special things in life are often (not always) planned ahead.

A weekly review makes so much difference. In some ways, it will be until mid-week this week until I recover from the things I didn’t plan ahead for last weekend.

So, today’s post is short because I have to get working. We’re all forgetful, that is why we plan. We all have to prepare, that’s why we plan.

Planning ahead. Preparing. Setting the course for our lives and keeping promises. These are all big parts of being excellent.

When do you do your weekly review? Have you done it for the week ahead?

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