When It is OK to Miss a Day: Stop The Presses for Your Priority Person

Day 60 of 80 Days of Excellence

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Consistency is important to me. I like to commit and do what I promise to do. It is hard to miss when I promise to do something. But, yesterday, I missed day 59 of 80 Days of Excellence. I could backdate, but I would feel like it would be a lie. So, instead, I’d like to make an important point.


Day 59 which will never be published is a testament to the importance of setting priorities. Last night, I went with my husband to drop off my son at a church event and we went on a date. A real, sit down, have a conversation and a whole bunch of laughs date. Then, we came home and watched a movie we’d been wanting to see.

I will say, I did think about the blog post perhaps once or twice. But, how can I talk to you about excellence when my highest human priority on earth was sitting right in front of me? What is excellence if I can’t put my first person first in my calendar?

Life is about priorities. And there are times you simply have to choose. Yes, I broke the streak. I’d blogged 58 days straight for 6 days a week. Yet, I’m going to let 59 stay unpublished and it is OK.

Part of excellence is knowing your priorities. Then, when those priorities conflict, choosing the highest priority first. And, while I take promises to myself and commitments very seriously, my marriage commitment is most important and Kip and I haven’t had enough date nights at all.

Sometimes, in our pursuit of excellence, we work hard to be consistent. And consistently can be a great thing — in fact a key part of being successful. But in that consistency, sometimes there is something to be said for having something high enough on your list to stop everything else – literally stopping the presses like I did here on the blog.

Do you have a priority that you’re willing to stop everything else to do? Is that priority a person? Have you stopped the presses lately for that person? If not, why not? If not, why not now?

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