3 Ways to Engage Families in Your Classroom

Families want to engage in classrooms but as students get older, it can be challenging. In today's episode, Jeromie Heath helps teachers understand how to engage families in the classroom in positive, proactive ways.


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Engage your parents one way this week.

Jeromie Heath - Bio As Submitted

Jeromie Heath is an expert on instilling and igniting the love of learning.  As a National Board Certified Teacher with 16 years of experience, he's crafted successfully-proven innovative student and family engagement strategies that he's developed as he taught in diverse elementary school demographics (including Title 1, High ELL, High Poverty, and Advanced Learning).  Jeromie's students gain nation-wide attention for doubling test scores! He's developed the KEYS to his success in engaging students and now shares these highly effective strategies in engaging and informative workshops, trainings, pds, and coaching sessions.

Blog: https://sites.google.com/site/mrheathfunteacher/home

Twitter: @teachheath

Instagram: @teachheath

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