How to Design Learning Spaces in Libraries

Many schools are reimagining the learning spaces that some call libraries or media centers. Carolyn Foote takes us to the center of this trend to take us inside how she redesigned her learning space and the thought process behind it. As you plan your school's strategy, you'll want to have conversations about this show. 

Carolyn Foote - Bio As Submitted

Carolyn Foote is a techno-librarian, fascinated by the confluence of technology, students, and libraries. A White House Champion of Change in 2013, and recipient of the AASL Library Collaboration Award in 2019, she is a leader in the library field, especially on 1:1 technologies, library design, and student voice. Her blog can be found at Not So Distant Future

Twitter: @technolibrary

Favorite Hashtags: Follow the #TXLCHAT and #TLCHAT hashtags for all things libraries!

Instagram: @technolibrary

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