Technical Writing with Drones in the Traditional Literature Classroom

Jeremy Rinkel has added technical writing to his traditional English Literature course. As a form of relevant non-fiction writing, Jeremy uses drones, robots, and 3d printers to give students an exciting topic on which to write their how-to and technical manuals. Dive deeper into what he's doing and learn how to apply it to your classroom. 


Jeremy Rinkel - Bio as Submitted

Jeremy is a husband, father, and high school English teacher. He earned a Masters in Educational Policy from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Teaching from Greenville University.

His goal is to inspire students, teachers and anyone he comes into contact with to be a life long learner. Jeremy believes education is the key to solving our world's problems.

​​In his free time, Jeremy enjoys travelling, writing, spending time in coffee shops, and spending time with his family watching old TV shows on Netflix. In the summer, he can be found at a Lake Sara in Central Illinois teaching Standup Paddleboard Yoga.


Twitter: @RinkelJeremy

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