How and Why to Create Powerful Relationships with Students

Do you have that difficult student who seems to fight you each time you try to reach him? Coach D was that student. He tells a powerful story of a teacher who was a reacher in his life and changed his life with a two-minute conversation in sixth grade. For all of those teachers who struggle to reach students (as many of us do), this show is for you. 

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Darrell Andrews - "Coach D" - Bio As Submitted

Darrell “Coach D” Andrews is an internationally recognized education/workforce development consultant, strategist, motivator and author.

His books, Believing The HYPE-Seven Keys To Motivating Students of Color, The Purpose Living Teen-A Teen’s Guide To Living Your Dreams and The Parent As Coach-Developing A Family Dream Team has transformed thousands of students, teachers, educators and parents worldwide. His story, 5 Garbage Bags and a Dream is one of the top stories in the national bestseller Chicken Soup For The African-American Soul.

As an expert and motivator, he has been invited to be a featured speaker at conferences such as the National PTA, The National Association of Secondary School Principals, ASCD and many state, regional and local events.

Coach D takes great pride in the fact that he and his team of associates have been invited to present motivational strategies at thousands of schools and workforce development organizations all over the USA.


Twitter: @coachdspeaks



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