3 Ways to Be a Less Stressed Educator

How are you doing, educators? Are you stressed? While that can be typical, we also want to consider the habits that will help us teach long-term with a high quality of life. Today will be a refreshing encouragement for educators everywhere. Learn how to set boundaries, embrace self-care, and manage your mindset to transform stress into strength. This is a great show for teachers to see balance and encouragement so they can be their best in the classroom. Today, I interviewed Barb Flowers, an elementary school principal and host of the Teacher Burnout Podcast and the Less Stressed Principal Podcast. Listen to today's show to take care of yourselves, educators, and learn the mindsets to help you enjoy teaching even when it is stressful.

Show notes, guest bio, and full transcript: https://www.coolcatteacher.com/e842 

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