How to Make Every Student Feel Valued

I hope today's show will provoke thought and thinking about what it means to relate to our students. Relationships may not be easily measurable but have a significant impact on student achievement. Today, for Though Leader Thursday, we are talking to Tom Hierck, 41-year educator, and author of 25 books.

Tom shares how a sense of belonging is crucial for students' success and self-actualization. He gives suggestions for schools that help them frame school behavior and understand students' dreams, needs and abilities in a way we can put into our classroom practice.

Tom also emphasizes the need to recognize and support the many and various backgrounds of our students and the need to build trust over time.

We can view every student as a success story and move from relying totally on consequences. He emphasizes respectful behavior and helping all of our students become valuable members of our communities.

Show Notes, Bio, and Transcript: 

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