Do something to keep computers out of landfills: Promote Freecycle

Just spent the last bit of time writing some local newspapers urging people to keep computers out of landfills and join freecycle.  (

This service comes highly recommended from people around the world and is a grassroots effort of people sharing the electronic devices that they need to recycle and posting them in the group local to their area.

Here is the letter I sent, will you share yours if you send it.  If we make it easy for others to copy and paste, maybe we'll get more support for this.

Copy of my Letter to the Camilla Enterprise

"If you don't want to do an article on this -- could you include this as a letter to the editor.  You can contact me at **********.

Hi, this is Vicki Davis, I'm a teacher at Westwood Schools in Camilla

I just wanted to point out that there is a group online called "freecycle" - - and that we have a group for Mitchell County.

So many people are throwing away their old computer and electronic equipment into our landfill and do not realize that it will poison our very future.  DO NOT THROW monitors, electronics, or computers into a landfill - ever!  Heavy metals and all sorts of things are in this equipment and it doesn't break down.

The Camilla Chamber had an incredible opportunity last year for computer recycling and I hope they will do it this year.

As much as I love technology, I love this land and our people so much more and it pains me to know what we are doing to our future water supply with such toxic materials being dumped into our landfill.  I ask all of our city and county officials to pass policies promoting the effective, free disposal of electronic equipment for the citizens of Mitchell county.

If you want to receive old electronic equipment that is usable, log onto the Freecycle network.  -  This is a grassroots effort of people who use technology and are concerned with how electronics are being thrown in the trash!

Vicki A. Davis
What will you do?  Have you signed up for Freecycle?

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