Would you pay for twitter? (aka Are the Free Rides Over?)

Twitter has been drowning in its own success, literally.  Tonight I came across an article posted at midnight today that predicts that Twitter will don advertising in order to stay afloat. 

Additionally, it has already capped the number of people you can follow at 2,000.  (I literally couldn't follow EVERYONE who follows me if I wanted to, so I just add people who reply and converse with me.  When I hit 2000, guess I'll start paring down.)

We know that outbound messaging except to the US, Canada, and India was removed. (SMS costs them money.)

So, the question is - would you be OK with ads on twitter (and do you honestly think anyone would click them) or would you pay for twitter?

Are the days of the free web 2.0 things coming to an end?  There's no such thing as a free ride - someone has to pay somewhere.

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