Plan to be a Part of Rich Wilson's Vendee Globe on November 9th

As I was cleaning out my inbox, I came across an email from Lorraine Leo in Jackson Elementary School in Newton, Mass, USA, this is what she says:

I was reading your profile in Classroom 2.0.  I am also a technology teacher but at the K-6 level.  I'm always curious to hear what other technology people are doing.  I wanted to share with you a program that my students and I were involved with since 2001 when we followed the voyage of skipper/teacher Rich Wilson as he sailed to break world records.  It was a really exciting experience to have a teacher at sea to connect us with the science, history, math, technology and fitness.  Rich is sailling again in 2008. He will be the only US sailor in the Vendee Globe and will compete with the top sailors in the world.  He will once again invite students to follow along on his race with his website.  I enjoyed it so much over the years that I share the site with as many people as I can.  The more followers, the more fun exciting it gets for the students cheering him on.  If you know of anyone who might be interested in sharing in on this adventure, I'd appreciate it if you would share the link. Rich did a webcast a few weeks ago with Steve Hargadon in Classroom 2.0 if you'd like to hear more about the program.
Thanks for your time.

I dug around on Classroom 2.0 and found  a recent blog post from Lorraine where she talks a little more about this incredibly cool opportunity:

 "...This year, Skipper Rich Wilson, a former math teacher in the Boston area, will be sharing the race with students and teachers around the world by blogging, sending video clips, podcasts, and photos of the race as he sails. A team of experts will be on land to answer student's questions..."

Here is the interview with Steve Hargadon from Classroom 2.0.

Find more videos like this on Classroom 2.0

Here is Ewan McIntosh talking about Vendee Globe 2008

This sounds like an exciting thing for the students to do as well as to learn from this teacher at sea in many subject areas.  This is a GREAT way for elementary teachers (and older) to flatten their classroom and engage in discussions about so many topics!
I love this because it shows that through the Internet, we can all be a teacher anywhere we go.  You can retire and do something exciting, create a website and still teach kids all over the world!  
This is also great because Lorraine is using her network through Classroom 2.0 and many of us are finding out about this project through her efforts.  I think the best projects are spread at the grassroots level.  So, take the torch from Lorraine and share about this.

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