33 Days of Wikis and the Comments of my students

I've enjoyed the 33 days of wikis. (Hat tip to Marshall K for his article.) It has been a great piece.

Thanks to Adam at wikispaces for nominating my school's wiki. As a result, the folks at eastwikkers named our wikispace #13. I was quite excited!

As an assignment, my students are posting comments on there and stating what they think about the wiki process. I will be interesting to see what they post and how they do out from under my firm eagle-eye. (I'm a little nervous.)

They'll be posting while I'm out tomorrow with my daughter's tonsilectomy. Here are the first two comments:

Wikis are becoming more and more popular in our school. Although we may complain about posting/blogging I think it will be able to help us later on in our school career. Actually most of us do not realize how much it is helping us out right now. It gets us involved with other people and their activities so we are not just confined in our small community. Mrs. Vicki has given us the opportunity to share and experience other people and their points of view from all over the world. Wikis and blogging will become more and more popular and will help us all. Kristy

Wikis are good because they enable people everywhere to communicate in an efficient, well-developed method. It allows classrooms to expand their horizons and communicate and compare their methods of teaching with other teachers and classes. In addition to teachers, students can harness the power of wikis through study. Study guides can be made on wikipages. Here at are page we have a "study hall" wiki where we post the day's homework. Andrew S.

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