Collaboration in creating a Georgia Photo blog by educators

I think edubloggers can model the type of behavior that needs to happen in all walks of life, collaborative blogging.

Stephen, Lisa, Jeff, and I have created a Georgia photo blog called Stephen is really the instigator and starter of it all. We are really enjoying it.

I'd like to quote something from my profile:

Blogging is amazing in that it has brought together some educators from around the state who probably never would have met.

As we blog we learn that we have more in common than we realize.

As we share our photographs, we become even more alike. I love the state of Georgia and hope to share my corner with you. I respect my fellow contributors and am humbled that they would consider me worthy of inclusion.
Although we do not all necessarily agree on everything, we all have a common enjoyment of photography and love of our state.

Such endeavors build bridges of friendship. Over such bridges we may walk to our future.

There are several benefits to collaborative blogging:
  • It takes the "pressure off" to feel like you have to post everyday.
  • It is easier to see conversations emerging.
  • You have several sources of information and thus in some ways, more credibility.
  • It is fun!

If I were to create a Georgia photo blog, it is just me in south Georgia and I would obviously lack credibility. It would take a lot of effort to travel throughout the state for one of us! By having four educators located in various places in the state, we truly get more sides of an issue.

Likewise with collaborative blogs on any topic. (It can also be done with SuprGlu!)

Are you considering collaborative blogging?

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