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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

HigherEd BlogCon

I've been out of town on safari at Disney Orlando's Animal Kingdom lodge and boy did I come up with many stories and epiphanies to share with my students and with you in the coming weeks.

Until I get my thoughts together, I hope all edubloggers are spending time at the Higher Ed Blog Con.

I will spend some time reviewing presentations tomorrow, but until then would like to quote the Abject Learning Blog on their take of the conference so far:

HigherEd BlogCon: "

April may the cruelest month but it promises to be chock-a-block full of rich-media chocolatey edu-blogger goodness thanks to HigherEd BlogCon, 'a conversation on the use of blogs, wikis, RSS, audio and video podcasts, social networks, and other digital tools in a range of areas in academe.'...
Nifty model for a conference -- no fees, no sign-ups, and lots of reusable, Creative Commons-licensed materials..."
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