Tell the story, simply!

All of us David Warlick fans have been innundated with David's "Tell the new story" challenge. Well, he's come out with a meaningful, and relevant post that I think every edublogger in our new movement needs to read, entitled "Types of New Stories," David classifies stories into three categories:
  • Community Stories
  • Reformer Stories
  • Implementation Stories

I'm definitely an implementation story as I implement and try new Web 2.0 techniques as they fit with effective educational practices. What kind of storyteller are you?

Web 2.0 needs to be explained simply
As we contemplate on the stories we have to tell, I think that a great bit of Web 2.0 history is found on the Technosight blog where bloggers were challenged to begin telling the story to everyday folks in terms they can understand. (Hat tip to Marshall K.)

Acronyms are problems
Acronyms are sometimes the technological person's own worst enemy. Whereas for a techie, they make communication more efficient and specific, for the nontechie they create obstacles.

Why tell the story?

This isn't about becoming rich or famous or well known. This is about becoming efficient, effective, and relevant to modern day kids who can personalize their iPods and cellphones but have to wear matching shirts to school.

In order to use the power of Web 2.0 to educate our children we need to use the power of our minds and collective discussions to simplify Web 2.0 to be understandable and relevant to decisionmakers and "powers that be."

Why do we need stories? Won't facts do?

I love metaphors because they make things understandable even to a child. Even better than metaphors are true stories that are going on in my classroom and the classroom of the many educators that inspire me and others to reach further, do more, and be more. Not to settle.

Stories are things that anyone can understand. That is why they must be told.

Will you be a storyteller too?

I'm going to tell my story and to work on following the KIST principle (Keep it Simple, Techie!)

What do you think?

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