Help kids remember HTML with funky chickens

Teaching HTML

Teaching HTML is a little tricky sometimes. Having just finished a module on HTML, I wish I had found this site then. is a neat user-friendly website that gives the basic HTML tags. (Hat tip to Bud the Teacher and his blogging portfolio toolbox.)

I like to teach the concept of HTML like a bird's nest. The Tags are the sides of the nest and the precious eggs are the words in the middle. You have to have both sides of the nest or the eggs aren't safe.

Oversimplified but it works.
Build traffic to your blog by creating HTML comments

You can use HTML to your advantage. If you are posting on someone's blog and commenting about a post you've written, you should always hyperlink to your post. (If HTML is allowed.)

Why comment?

I get around 50% of my traffic from comments.
Comments mean that you are contributing in a meaningful way to the emerging global conversation.

Face it folks, blogging is not all about you or me or any ONE person. It is about finding trends and learning. It is about creating virtual hubs of knowledge as we share thoughts and emerge with renewed opinion and passion. It is about being educated.

If you're so hung up on your stats that you can't walk away and play with your kids one day, rethink. If you're so hung up on having your knowledge on your blog that you don' t have time to read and comment on someone else's blog, you're missing the point of blogging!

Blogging means that I join you so we can be better than you or I could be alone.

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