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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Do you know someone stuck in web 1.9, blurk, and other odd terms.

We had a great edTechTalk tonight as we talked about why teachers should blog. (We also had an interesting post show talking about second life.)

We laughed at some of the new terms coined recently. (Whether by us or others, we don't really know.) I'd like to share them with you.

Blurk - To lurk on a blog and never comments.

Stuck in Web 1.9 - Someone who denies the evolution of the Internet to the read/write web.

Drive by Commenter - A person who doesn't read your blog but drives by, leaves a long tirading message, and never returns. (I did coin this phrase.)

Virtual Tattoo - What students are unknowingly making. Colleges are beginning to search myspace and screen applicants based upon their online profiles.

Like Alaska was the first frontier and Space is the final frontier -- Jason named the Internet the virtual frontier.

We also discussed some neat things including www.yackpack.com, www.bubbleshare.com (Jen says it is the ONLY place to share photos with kids and much better than flickr), and www.webhuddle.com. Cheryl also told me what a webhead is and that they meet on Sundays at tapped in.

Notes on Second Life

I also learned that if you go into Second Life, that you should never go alone. My sister went in alone and was virtually accosted online. We are discussing the possibility of a big group "being born" into second life together and taking a tour. We are looking for a group who would like to usher us into Second life at a certain time and perhaps give us a tour. I'm still floored by the whole thought of it.

So, what interesting terms have you heard on the new internet?

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