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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

iInspire: Interview with Amazing Students creating videos from Miller Grove High School

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I was perusing the exhibition hall when suddenly a group of students had my rapt attention. These were four polished, intelligent, well spoken students from Miller Grove High School displaying their professional-looking self made videos. Their teacher, Brenda Neely, with a military and business background, glowed as she discussed how they work nights, weekends, mornings, summer, winter, and fall breaks. Her students have a purpose.

Her award winning video profiled some amazing women including Atlanta's Monica Kaufman. I only saw a snippet but it was enough to make me cry.

Doors are opening to these students with video cameras in their hands and bits and bytes on their brain. And they are busting down the doors of the schoolhouse in order to do their often self assigned "work." Although they have a class and a club -- their motto is "The video club is not a club, it is a business."

Listen to their excitement! You'll have to hear it to believe it!

I do want to apologize that my digital recorder on my Palm "hiccupped" and I lost a portion of the clip but most of this 6 minute interview is preserved.

I predict that Video is going to be THE tool for engagement in the next two years. It is going to completely transform education!

Although they have a specific Video class, I heard other presenters talk about how digital storytelling is transforming writing and every subject that it touches. It is increasing retention and learning as its filmstrip wipes across the brow of small children. If you want engagement -- put a video camera in their hands.

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