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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Edublog Awards 2006 - Due November 30

The Edublog Awards are open until November 30th. Get out there and nominate your favorites by e-mailing up to two nominations (total) per category:

"This year there are ten categories:

  • Best audio and/or visual blog
  • Best group blog
  • Best individual blog
  • Most influential post, resource or presentation
  • Best library/librarian blog
  • Best newcomer
  • Best research paper on social software within learning and teaching
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best undergraduate blog
  • Best wiki use


Again, nominations are made confidentially. Please email in your nominations to the awards address: 2006awards@googlemail.com

Only current edubloggers are invited to nominate contenders. If you post publicly, and produce some content related to education, you are recognized as an edublogger for the purposes of this competition and are eligible to nominate. Please include your blog url with your nominations.

Each participant is able to make a maximum of two nominations per category. Self-nomination is perfectly acceptable, but you are encouraged to nominate the blogs, projects and papers that you genuinely believe to be outstanding examples of practice. Please list your nominations in order of preference. You may enter the same person or site for more than one award."

So, copy and paste into your e-mail and nominate the best! (This is exciting, I started blogging on December 3rd of last year as the voting opened up so, I'm glad that I can nominate people this year and that I even know what a blog is!)

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