Things to come from GAETC - Mind Blowers!

I have two other amazing podcasts to share with you, but I've been blogging and editing now for three hours and I've got to get some sleep.

Just as a preview -- I (Jennifer Wagner and Sharon Peters) interviewed Patrick Crispen and have thirty minutes of absolutely must hear podcast if you are a purchaser or decision maker -- or just if you're shopping for an HDTV for Christmas. If you carry a passport, you'll learn how it may make you a target for terrorists. It is a mind blowing, incredible interview that my students WILL be listening to.

Then another mind blower with Tonya Witherspoon. She is a member of the National Writing project and did an amazing interview about the MEASURABLE improvement in writing that they are seeing by involving audio MP3 recorders in the writing curriculum. She also talks about some amazing think tank work going on with Second Life.

I also hope to talk to Will Richardson tomorrow but I know EVERYONE will want to talk to him.

It has been an amazing conference. The organizers are doing an outstanding job! I am just so impressed! (Again)

Goodnight from GAETC.

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