If you're going to NECC and you are a blogger -- we need you!

I'd like to bring you in on a "little" discussion that we've been having behind the scenes about the potential for an edubloggerCon just prior to the NECC conference in Atlanta in June of 2007.

We're still in the formatory stages and that is why we need YOU to join the discussion. I personally have had enough of things where I had no input and I always felt left out.

Well, if you feel the same way as me, ("I've got something to say and want to be a part of something!") then this is a personal invitation from me to join in the conversation.

Go on over to the Edubloggercon page and join the edubloggercon Google Group or even the wiki. NECC is going to be incredible and this will actually be my first one! I am so excited about meeting some amazing people and coming away with inspiration. I hope you'll introduce yourself (and I hope that some of the proposals I've submitted get accepted.)

Since I went to Georgia Tech and lived just down from the conference center for a few years, hopefully I can steer those of you who want to see things in the right direction. I'll make sure that I give you some pre-conference insight into the area via my blog here.

So, edubloggers, it is time to talk.

But I'm not going!
And if you're NOT going to NECC, I'd love to organize a group who will be "attending" virtually so that you can glean information off of the conference -- there are just so many links, it helps to have outside observers going through the blogs. (Additionally, we could use podcast volunteer editors for those shooting audio interviews at the conference to post them quickly.) Either way, we can and should model effective blogging and collaboration with this process and there is room for everyone!

This is about the students! It is also about connecting and encouraging educators who for too long have been islands.

Please join in! I'd e-mail you each personally if I could...

but Oh, wait, there's this new thing called RSS and I don't have to e-mail you any more!

And there are 500 of you now. So, whose on board?

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