My Christmas Card to You: Web 2 Wonderland

OK, here's my really goofy, Christmas Card to all of you, my readers, out there. You can follow the link to youtube and post a video response. I'll be watching them and may even put some of your Christmas greetings here for other educators to hear.

I have photos that have been contributed from my classroom (Camilla, GA), from Oregon, Germany, Maine, and Bangladesh. It is exciting to see the faces of these kids. (And make sure you listen to the end to the hilarious ending concocted by one of my tenth graders!)

Enjoy and forgive me for my imperfect singing, I had 5 minutes at break on the last day of school to record it so I had only one take! My student said it was OK so, here it is!

Have a very Merry Christmas and happy New Year. Take time with the family! I wish I could talk to each one of your personally and wish you happy holidays -- but hey, I am!

Happy Holidays!

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