Thank you for nominating me: Cool Cat Teacher and Flat Classroom Wiki are on the Edublog Award 2006 "short list"

My first entrance into blogging was reading all of the entries in last year's edublog awards. I was so amazed at these writers who knew so much and were doing such a service to education. (My official "blog birthday" is December 9 -- tomorrow!)

I logged on at 6:30 a.m. this morning to check in with Julie Lindsey about our flat classroom work and found an e-mail from her letting me know that our flat classroom wiki had been nominated for best wiki. (Voting ballots are located here.)

Thank you for my Blog-Birthday present

And then she let me know that my teacher blog, this Cool Cat Teacher blog has been nominated for the best Teacher Blog. (Voting ballots) (See all edublog nominations here.) It is now up to you to vote, and truly, every nominee is very deserving!

You, my readers, have truly given me the best blog-birthday present I could ever receive! Because these nominations must come from fellow edubloggers over a somewhat labor-intensive e-mail nominations process, it really means a lot to me to be nominated. I blog in semi-isolation but now am surrounded by the most amazing network of incredibly professional and wise educators! It has truly been a great year for me both in the classroom and in my own learning!

So get out and vote
Some amazing people are listed in every category and again, I will be taking the time to go through, read, and vote. I hope you will too. All of the nominees in every category are truly deserving in my opinion and I'm just so happy to be included on the list.

My students are coming in on Saturday

My students have stepped up their efforts even more (if that is possible) and have pleaded with me to open the lab tomorrow. We're going to be here at 9:30 a.m. and work until. Julie Lindsey's class is working on Saturday also.

Now, let me ask you a question. Isn't this every teacher's dream? (I'm not talking about those 8-3'ers who just want to go home, but rather those who really want to teach their subject.)

I'm being begged to let them come to class and for me to help and teach them. This is not out of procrastination, mind you, but rather a desire for excellence! I'm going to pick up pizza and they are going to keep working!

The wiki project closes on Tuesday, December 12 at 12 midnight GMT.

This has truly been the greatest project of my teaching career thus far. I can't say enough about Julie and how much I appreciate her efforts. It truly has taken both of our working diligently and our passion for the subject to become "contagious" and be "caught" by our amazing students. (I blogged about this on Tech Learning today.)

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