Using and citing video from Google Video in your Student Movies.

Julie and I have been creating movies to teach our students about the various skills needed for our flat classroom project. (Which ends Tuesday.) These are quick videos so everything isn't perfect, but I discovered how to "rip" and use video from Google video in Windows Movie Maker files and created a tutorial for my students. I thought you'd like a copy.

The Citing Video Conundrum
Also, I've got a video about how to cite video. If you take the time to watch, you will see that there are many issues with citing video, one of which is that MLA has yet to determine how exactly to cite the wealth of electronic resources out there.

If you know how to cite video, please help me.
If you are a citing expert, I hope you'll see what I'm teaching and correct my errors because there is not a lot of good information about citing video used from Google video or Youtube. Please help me, if you are a excited about citing! (If you'd like to make your own video to correct my mistakes, I'll embed that in the flat classroom project.)

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