Uploading to Google Video, EdTechTalk with David Warlick and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Tuesday at 9 pm EST

Final post in three part series.

This one covers how to upload video to Google video, how to add your descriptions, and how to embed it in your wiki.

Flat Classroom Update
I worked this morning until a little after 6 pm with my students. I feel like I'm taking final exams! They are learning and very proud of what they are doing. This is what teaching is all about. We have 5 of the 9 videos finished and several others close.

WOW2 EdTech Talk with David Warlick and Sheryl Nussbaum Beach
Remember the edtechtalk tomorrow at 9 pm EST with David Warlick and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach. Just go to edtechtalk.com and get into the chat room. Also, you may listen via a skypecast (Go to skypecasts.skype.com and search for Women of Web 2 -- you don't need to be a woman to listen!) or on Channel 1 at Worldbridges.

We have a couple of big items on the agenda, including their response to the recent Time Magazine article entitled How to Bring our Children Out of the 20th Century. The subtitle:

The world has changed, but the American classroom, for the most part, hasn't. Now educators are starting to look at what must be done to make sure our kids make the grade in the new global economy.

Well, goodness me, its about time that someone took notice of the fact that technology isn't a subject. This is a must read article for all educators who care, not just techies. It is in the December 16 version of Time.

Be there, or catch the podcast in our archives at http://www.womenofweb2.com/node/12.

Finish Well
In this time of hurry and sometimes fury, remember how important it is to finish well. This is the time of year that the weaker teachers prop up their feet and eat divinity but the excellent one's still have objectives.

Although my eighth grade has turned in their portfolios, I am doing a fun project in movie maker so they can use it in their other classes next semester. I have a purpose for even the fun things.

How about using Photostory to make movies of family pictures that can be burned to DVD for Christmas presents? (Have them bring the DVD's). They can learn a great program and have a gift for home!

I think of the races I've seen where the runner in first place looked back (and then finished second.) We must look ahead. Have fun but always have a purpose. Never waste a moment. Use all of this precious time.

Teaching is never about babysitting it is about making a life long difference. It is about pushing ourselves and our students to places that people think we cannot go. To think in ways that are beyond the average. To be excellent in all we do.

Teaching is the most noble profession on earth. And as I celebrate this Christmas season according to my beliefs, my God sent his Son to this earth -- and he asked people to call Him ... teacher. I need no greater endorsement of my profession.

Remember the Web 2 wonderland!

And remember to take a picture of your class doing something web 2 and upload it to flickr for me -- tag it web2wonderland! Please!

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