Show off your classroom: Upload your Web 2 Wonderland Photos to Flickr

My eighth grade class is going to be making a video out of a recording I am making of "Web 2 Wonderland." (A song that I've written.) We want your classroom to be included.

Just upload your photo to and when you are asked to tag it -- make sure that you tag it with web2wonderland (along with any other tags.) (Look at the photos at

This is a great way to teach tagging to your students and to share with the world what classrooms are doing with Web 2. We already have Craig in Greece showing how he is using cell phones to blog and Kinderkids podcasting about bears.

We want to include your class!

Make sure that you give a caption to identify your school and what Web 2 you are doing!

Please spread the word. This is a great chance to show off how flickr works and teach the principle of tagging. It is also a great way to do some simple collaboration. I think this could be a very powerful tool to show educators the faces of these children using technology. Please be a part!

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