Goodbye Wow2, I love you!

Tonight will be my last show as a co-host of the Women of Web 2.0 on Edtechtalk.  It has been a great year and a half and I'm so thankful for Jennifer Wagner, THE Wow2 founder. for reaching out to me in the fall of 2006!  Wow! 

A big thank you to the other to cohosts Sharon Peters and Cheryl Oakes.  These three ladies will always have a special place in my heart.

I leave the show with mixed feelings.  It is such an exciting important part of my own life, and yet I have three children who are growing older by the moment.

With two very active middle schoolers and a busy elementary student as well, there are things only Mommy can do.  Right now, my family has to be #1. 

My youngest needs books read to him every night.  My other two need sports uniforms washed and everyone really likes a good meal on the table each night.  (Who doesn't?)

So, this isn't goodbye to webcasting for me.  Julie and I are working ahead on a variable time Flat Classroom presents screen webcast that we'll start up in the fall.  We want to do it for students and teachers and let students present and be a part of the shows that we'll schedule sometimes during the school day.

I'm not a webhead, so, not sure what venue we'll be on, but as always it will be creative commons and shared.

So, tonight will be it.  It has been an excruciatingly hard decision and I only expect Wow2 to grow and flourish because there will be an amazing new woman (or two) to step in and take the show to even greater heights.

Best wishes and perhaps I'll see you online tonight!

I'll always be a Woman of Web 2!

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