Sites that Caught My Eye Today 07/11/2008

  • Again, legislators determine what should be taught. Algebra is so important but not sure it should come from legislature. Would like to see more empowerment and bottom up improvement. Top down improvement also means one more awful thing... more paperwork.

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  • Amazing student project to create memories and artifacts. This is an excellent partnership between the New Sweden Historical Society, Stockholm Historical Society, Maine Swedish Colony, Nylander Museum, New Sweden School, and others. It is time for museums and schools to begin partnerships in this way. What meaningful, authentic work. Wow! From Earnie Easter via e-mail today.

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  • Earnie Easter's students from Maine helped digitize the artifacts in "new Sweden." The Maine Memory Museum has used their students to help digitize and share the information. This is such an amazing project.

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  • This middle school 1:1 learning program in Maine has been named one of the best. here is some information on best practices and a video about it that I'll be reading and learning from as we discuss this at our school over the next year.

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  • EDublogger and Plurk lounges at lively. Another 3 d world. Hmmm

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  • Excellent discussion about Blogging in the classroom from Rob Kamrowski on the Flat Classroom Ning. Rob says:

    "The presenter, Konrad Glogowski, an eigth grade writing teacher, discussed his use of blogs as a "third place" for students to express themselves. The first place being students home, the second school, and the third, a sort of place where they are free to creatively express themselves. At the begining of the year, Mr. Glogowski challenged his students to "grow" a blog. He presented them a visual to assist them in planning their creation and, pretty much, allowed them the freedom to make their own product. He watched as the blogs and classroom community grew. Fellow students commented on one another's blog entries, offering advice and building fellow classmates confidence in their writing. Mr. Glogowski's role as teacher evolved into a reader of work and a partner in learning rather than an evaluator and expert of information. By the end of the year, his students had great pride in their work, bonded as a communtiy, and were better, more confident, writers. The likely hood that they would continue to work on their blogs and writing was extremely high. Mr. Glogowski's strategy and his educational philosophy towards blogging was a success."

    This person did not attend necc, but watched Konrad present via ustream via Will Richardson's blog. Ascyhronous conferences are so important. Can we make it part of conference best practice?

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  • Could anyone help Jim Leesch on his Jing issue? I'd love to know the answer if you'd share it (preferably on the flat classroom ning.)

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  • Great discussion on the Flat Classroom Ning (anyone can join) about the next three items we will each do. Some shared on the ustream and some over here.

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  • Cool 3d mind mapping software availablef or free. This is fascinating.

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