Children and Electronic Media Panel Discussion:

After inhaling NECC 2008, I'm going to spend the next few days giving you as much pd as I can find for you to share.  I'm going to save my own reflections of NECC for later.  I've found much of the NECC jousting between bloggers to be so far off focus that it is quite bothersome.

It is about the students and improving teaching.  So, that means I need to get past the edublogosphere introspection and share some things with you that you can USE!

This is an older video from the Princeton conference back in May, but it has been released on youtube and I'd like to share it with you.

I'll see if I can find the others to share with you.  I must say that all of the other speakers on this panel had me totally enthralled.

I LOVED the way that the oceans of know teaches fractions and I also am planning to integrate virtual worlds into my curriculum next year.  This was a great conference!

Moderator: Lisa Markman, Associate Director, Education Research Section, Outreach Director, Future of Children Journal, Princeton University

The Flat Classroom
Vicki A Davis, Teacher/ IT Director, Westwood Schools , Google Certified Teacher

Second Life
Kevin Jarrett, Google Certified Teacher, Technology Facilitator/District Webmaster, Northfield Community School

Oceans of Know 
Daniel P McVeigh, Director, Ocean of Know

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