Life is Fragile: Meet my namesake - Aunt Vicki

This is for my Aunt Vicki.  You see, I have always had some very big shoes to fill -- I was named after numerous people. 

One grandmother was Victoria and the other was Ruth -- thus my name:  Victoria Ruth. (Victoria means "victorious spirit" and Ruth means "loyal")

However, my Aunt Vicki, my Mom's sister is "Big Vicki" and I've always been "Little Vicki," long past when I was little!

Aunt Vicki is like the sunshine on water -- her laugh fills up a room.  I love her dearly.  She has always loved me unconditionally.

Tonight, I am praying for my Aunt Vicki because she is in ICU recovering from a stroke.  She is quite young to be there and yet, she is.  She and my mother are both walking, talking evidence of the grace and goodness of God.

So, tonight, I have been listening to music, which is what I do when I need to pray and think.  Three songs have stuck in my mind tonight:  Sting's song Fragile, Selah's Hiding Place, and this one by Joe Cocker:  You Are so beautiful.  (How is that for an eclectic mix!)

I think the thing that stuck out the most about the Joe Cocker number was one comment on the video from xCrimsonButterflyx one day a go:

"My grandfather was the kind of guy to always be smiling & laughing - when he was dying of cancer I saw that disappear - so in the middle of ICU with all the nurses & doctors around I got down on 1 knee & sang this song to my grandpa - For those that have not had the misfortune of hearing me sing I can't - I went for it all even the last note - to see a smile widen across his face - hear him laugh for the last time saying don't give up your day job - it was worth the embarrassment 100 times over"
It is the reckless abandon and humility in loving your family that endears me to this commenter.  Life is so short.  We do not know who we have today and not tomorrow.  xCrimsonButterflyx got it right.

Reflect on this

Think of the one person who you are struggling with right now in your family and ask yourself:

"If something were to happen to __(fill in their name)____ tonight, what would be my regret?"  

Then, set out to fix it.

Life is so short, so fragile, so temporary, that we must love our family while we have them.  I wish I'd visited her more.  But then again, I just thought I had forever to go skiing with her at the lake.  I am so wrong sometimes that it stinks.

Indeed, each moment is beautiful, each breath is a gift, and each memory we make is one we keep.

So, tonight as I retire, I sing to myself the song, Hiding place, sung so beautifully by the vlogger I found below.  For truly, tonight as my family and I circle up in the prayer room of our church, He is our hiding place. And whatever lies ahead for Aunt Vicki and us, we know Who holds the key and her and our future.

Thank you all for your encouragement today over twitter and plurk. I'll keep those who want to follow this updated on this page.


Photo Source:
A ButterFly Kiss -  TIO's photo Stream.

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