NECC Ustreamed Presentation: Ramapo Island Students Rock the House!

One of my favorite educational innovators, Kevin Jarrett, shares the ustream of Peggy Sheehy and her students sharing what they are doing in Ramapo Island.

Listening and learning from Peggy, Kevin, and Beth Ritter-Guth has caused a personal shift in my own mind about the efficacy of virtual worlds.  We're planning to introduce an island this fall for use in Flat Classroom and digiteen.

I'm so glad for the ustream because I was in the room next door with the viral PD session and really needed to hear this.

Boy, I have a lot to learn!

Isn't it great to be able to collapse the float in sharing best practices like this?  This work is also backed up by the research Chris DeDe shared at NECC about Rivercity.

Web 3d is just around the corner, and many of us don't quite have a handle on Web 2.  (myself included)

Also, remember, that there will never be a "magic pill" that makes teaching easy and learning a piece of cake. If we ate cake all of the time, we'd be sick to our stomachs!  But we can add additional tools to our toolbelt that accomplish different tasks and create deep learning experiences which require problem solving, imagination, and content knowledge.

Thank you, Kevin for ustreaming this one!

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