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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Daily Spotlight on Education 09/06/2008

  • This seems to be a great organization with curriculum, information and a structure to plan community service projects within your class. Students can earn points and an awards program exists as well.

    I've gotten permission for our Special Olympics Bocce Ball event to be an ad hoc event to support this cause. We have over 50 students who serve as officials for Special Olympics Bocce Ball players - it has become a very large Special Olympics Event in the State of Georgia.

    Join in!

    tags: education, communityservice, edu_news

  • What is your blog rated? Just wondering.

    And if it is rated G (as mine is) why on earth can't we allow them through filters! We don't let ALL paper on our campuses but discern the right kind of printed material to have at school. So, we shouldn't let all websites on there -- but to blog something because it is a blog or hosted by blogger makes no sense!

    tags: education, blogging

  • This is becoming my Skype phone of choice! I'm really enjoying this little tool! I'll share more about it later but for now, am enjoying testing it!

    tags: education, skype, voip, tool

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