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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Daily Spotlight on Education 09/09/2008

  • Op Ed Piece in LA times is representative of the call for innovation in schools. As with all change - you can be part of it or it can be imparted to you.

    Which would you rather have?

    The imperative to innovate is here -- and those who don't act will ultimately be the ones who lose. Unfortunately, kids aren't getting any younger -- older people will just hurt their career in a life that is already one of educational excellence -- children will never reach their potential. It is important - we cannot waste time where children are at stake. We don't waste time when it comes to our own and the travesty is that many don't see anything wrong with wasting the time of another parent's child.

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  • Let's give trossman's son some feedback on his great youtube book report! Please share!

    tags: education, literature

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