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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Red Rover, Red Rover, SAVE OCTOBER! (for the K12 online conference!)

Start spreading the News to leave some PD time open during the K12 online conference October 20-24 and 27-31!

If you want to download the flyer you can get it in PDF format.

Julie and I met 3 years a go at the K12 online conference and shortly thereafter the first Flat Classroom Project was born.  Little did we know we'd be keynoting a strand so soon.

But the best thing about the K12 online conference is you -- us.  All of "us" -- the loosely defined, ever changing edublogosphere full of plurkers, lurkers, and prolific conversationalists. 

So, you've been hanging around the fringes wondering if all of this "stuff" is for you and your classroom.  I challenge you --  read / listen to ONE session -- participate in ONE conversation. Just dip you toe in and see what you think!  Share what you're doing!  Learn from others!

This is not about any ONE person telling US how to do things the best way.  This is about US telling US how to do things.

Free.  By teachers and educators for teachers and educators.  What is there to lose?

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