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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Trying to "Get" The New Ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld

While the advertising agencies all have their comments, if you miss the ending, you'll definitely NOT get this commercial featuring Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld (I had to watch it twice to get it) and even then, the meaning is very obtuse at best:

Basically, I think this is just meant to make us laugh and make us think that new things are coming.  Unfortunately, Bill Gates is out of the day to day running of the organization.

As for the response from Mac, I can only see their geeky guy w/ glasses moving his hiney and making such fun of this commercial.  I predict Mac is going to have fun with this one!

The Real Story Isn't Funny

Additionally, I am convinced that Microsoft released Vista about 6 months before it was ready for us.  In their efforts to please investors, they ticked off a lot of loyal customers.

While I'm now pleased with my newly reinstalled Vista Service Pack 1 -- everyone I know with SP 0 (zero) is terribly unhappy unless they had Vista Ultimate.  And who has 150 hours or the true grit as I did to totally make a clean install?  (I had to practically beg Lenovo for a new Vista SP1 -- and some GREAT Microsoft employees from around the globe came to my aid and gave advice.)

So, my verdict is this.  I love Mac, and I LOVE my NEW SP1 Microsoft Vista PC, but if Microsoft releases another totally not-ready for prime time OS, they will lose the trust and pocketbooks of the hangers-on like me and we'll just move away.

I'm ready to buy some Mac's for my all PC environment to see how they work with what we have for the simple reason, that I have to log on so many student computers just to update all of the time!  I want to get past that.

So, what do you think of the ad?  Have you seen others that would be good to share?

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