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Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Tribute to 9/11: Joy Unearthed

Joy Unearthed

We know not if we shall hold our sweetheart in our arms another moment,
We will not know where the time went.

To capture a smile is to experience heaven on earth.
To share a laugh is a bit of ecstacy unearthed.

Amidst the dirt and soil of the day we shall find
glimpses of hope and joy and we must bring to mind
these moments do not last,
dusk comes arrow fast.

 So, I shall stay and play
amidst the dirt of the day.
Not waiting for the gleaming pristine stone
but to seek diamonds amidst rocks unknown.

Pocketing memories of hope and tears.
These are the years!
May I never say
I spent so much time digging in the day
that I did not stop to see
the little joys right in front of me.

Life is short, dirt is cheap
but the smiles, laughter, and joys
are the treasures that we keep
priceless, sweet gifts of the earth.

Vicki Davis
As I contemplate today, I listen to Fragile recorded by Sting on 9/11.

This is my own artistic tribute to this thing called life. Remember your priorities and that lip service doesn't mean as much as foot service

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