Daily Spotlight on Education 10/27/2009

  • Write up on some flat classroom topics and what we're doing in my class this year.

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  • Fred Haas' reflections are so very real when it comes to ambitious global collaborations. I had to laugh as he said about NetGenEd (last spring's project): "Without question it was a mildly harrowing but ultimately rewarding experience."

    The learning curve is TREMENDOUS but once you have it under your belt it is similar to your first year of teaching or boot camp for someone in the military. If you're wondering if this sort of thing is for you, take a read of Fred's very real reflections.

    Julie nor I NOR ANY global collaborator will ever say it is easy - if it is perhaps you're not having to be as engaged as perhaps you need to be. However, it is most rewarding!

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  • Students do need time in the sandbox as this teacher from Madrid shares on her blog (how they introduced the math manipulatives in first grade.) My response:

    "Sandboxing is ESSENTIAL. It is low threat, high exploration, high experimentation mode with whatever tool is at hand, and is part of my upcoming book ClickSmart as it relates to software. But as you’ve so eloquently put here, sandboxing is important to do with just about anything!"

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