Striving to Wiki-fy my room

I have just got to take pictures of my room for you, just been so busy.  But this year, I wanted to wiki-fy my walls.  I want the very walls of my room to be places where students express and share what they are doing.  I've done this in two ways.  I have used velcro to stick small dry erase boards EVERYWHERE and also have used brightly colored duct tape to designate certain areas on my wall for certain types of things to be shared.

But I think that perhaps what Angela Maiers shared Sunday Night on her blog is what I really want to do!  Idea Paint.  Their official Ideapaint website has some interesting applications for school but perhaps my question is... if Ideapaint works, why are we even buying dry erase boards?  Has anyone tested the heavy use of a school on this?  Is anyone using it now? So, let's try it out! 

Also, I turned up a link for a free sample of Ideapaint from Momblognetwork -just fill out this form.

IdeaPaint How To Video

IdeaPaint in Action Video

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