Very Convincing Deceitful Web Pages that Install Spyware: Teachers, You Gotta Use your Noggin

This is a web site designed to LOOK like your computer. I am passing this along because it looks so much like a legitimate page on your computer.

One of our teachers called me over and I captured the screenshot so I could email it out to the other teachers at my school and also so you can see it as well. You can tell this is a scam because the URL is showing in the web browser bar.

My teachers are great about NOT clicking when they have a question and they skype me or ask me and boy, do I appreciate it.

So, here is a shout out today to one of our third grade teachers Mrs. Donna Worsham for using her "noggin" (as we say in South Georgia) and figuring out that she should call me and not click.

If you don't know ask someone who does.  Using your noggin is going to save your school time and money because it is easier to keep problems from happening than to fix them!

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